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"i love you…you’re my art stash"  ????? ::))

Today was so perfect. I haven’t felt so free and open with someone in forever. And adventuring with you is the best. You’re so perfect and cute. And ily.

Tonight was so perfect, we snuck into the school and I brought a blanket so we just laid there holding each other, cuddling close, warming up each other and I just thought how we probably look like if people saw us in that moment on the grass, like two lovers keeping each other warm & safe and loving each other’s company. He’s really something and I want to keep him forever.

Holding your hand is so perfect, I never want to let go

i just want something real already

i had a good fucking time at the bring me the horizon show at soma tonight. made me realize how much i missed it there. and the ringing, the sweet ringing in my ears haha :)

A lot of people are misinformed about the situation in Ukraine. Russia did not “invade” Ukraine, they are as one, they are Slavic brothers always ♡ I say this not because I’m all pro-Russian but because I was born in Ukraine and my grandparents live over there and I know that Russia would never harm Ukrainians, because we are all one; it is all just a product of media that Russia is hurting Ukraine. And the only countries involved in their business should be them, not America and not any other European countries. That is all.

craving kisses so much right now

your kisses 

I just want everything to be ok and I want to be happy, I’m tired of being sad ok