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damn palo alto was really good

i need to have a make-out sesh like rn

i love making smoothies with you & stuff 

i’m so sad bc i just finished a really good show and i just found out that there won’t be anymore seasons…it was just one season…and it ended at the most important part :( :( :””((((( kind of like freaks and geeks :( :( :(

tell me everything’s gonna be alright bc i don’t even know anymore 

would appreciate it if you stopped hurting me

tumblr always makes me really sad or really horny tbh

It’s always nice when the person you love ignores the fuck out of you

one time we drove to the park together and we got out and were about to go into the little dog area there and there was like a little dip ahead with a bunch of rocks and all of a sudden he picked me up and carried me over it; it was the cutest thing. he’s not the most romantic guy but when he is romantic, he does it with all his heart and i appreciate that.