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It’s 642 am and I have to be at work at 8, fuck that, fuck that :-( still sleepy, tired af…then class fuckkkkk.

Gawd I love you so much and I can’t sleep at all it’s 3 am and I have thoughts of you and thoughts about the week ahead and how I never want you to stop loving me and sometimes I’m scared

damn palo alto was really good

i need to have a make-out sesh like rn

i love making smoothies with you & stuff 

i’m so sad bc i just finished a really good show and i just found out that there won’t be anymore seasons…it was just one season…and it ended at the most important part :( :( :””((((( kind of like freaks and geeks :( :( :(

tell me everything’s gonna be alright bc i don’t even know anymore 

would appreciate it if you stopped hurting me

tumblr always makes me really sad or really horny tbh