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it’s funny

i still get nervous around you sometimes and your eyes make me shy

yesterday was really nice for our 17. we drove on top of this mountain and watched the sun set beautifully, then we drove to this little sub place where all the subs are named after different types of weed. and there were a bunch of pretty college girls there but he was only looking at me which was pretty nice. and he even reached for my hand and was all being affectionate. he was listening to me and being attentive and how he said gently “happy 17 months” with a kiss, caught me off guard a bit. and then we ventured off to some park and played on the playground as if we were still kids, swung on the swings, chatted away, stargazed, held each other and made out. he gave me soft kisses on my forehead, stomach, thighs, cheek and held me tight. i didn’t want it to end. i love nights like that where i feel like home and like there’s no one else but us, together, in the whole world. it’s funny how we read each other’s minds sometimes and i realize how close one can get to a person, how attached.  

i want to sleep with you

Why do you do this to me?

damn the nights are getting chillier in san diego…i’d really love to cuddle up with someone right now

I love you„,please love me back

It’s 642 am and I have to be at work at 8, fuck that, fuck that :-( still sleepy, tired af…then class fuckkkkk.

Gawd I love you so much and I can’t sleep at all it’s 3 am and I have thoughts of you and thoughts about the week ahead and how I never want you to stop loving me and sometimes I’m scared

damn palo alto was really good